About us

Danielle started Mini Sprouts in 2021 after witnessing the success of the products she was using while running cooking programs with under 5's. A fully registered teachers with degrees in Applied Science and Education, Danielle aims to inspire children to learn in their way in their world. Currently she works as a Chaplain in a local Primary school and while raising her daughter balances volunteer work for groWaverley and other educational organisations. Danielle's husband Nathan builds the bespoke furniture whilst running his own successful small business @Thewholesprout.

Danielle has extensive experience in community engagement and facilitation. She works with young people experiencing severe disadvantage to enable them to access the resources and support they require to lead progressive and fulfilling lives. She is experienced in designing and delivering engaging lessons,  events and activities, facilitating and leading presentations and programs, as well as working with youth. Danielle is passionate about promoting collaboration, building networks, identifying opportunities and implementing evidence-based, sustainable, high-impact initiatives.

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Danielle Watkins is the founder and driver of groWaverley. groWaverley is a culmination of community members and those that support Waverley, that have come together during COVID to support the ongoing health and wellbeing of Waverley community members. It is an emergent working space that relies on participation. ideas, and knowledge from locals, a true reflection of asset based community development. The success relies on volunteers of multigenerational understanding to provide opportunity for connection, support and celebration of all things local. In the beginning it started with a box of excess food out the front of a house, reaching out to those who were in need. Take what you need, share what you can underpins the philosophy of groWaverley. The community rallied around this concept whole-heartedly and within a week it had evolved into a community sharing space. This space has now emerged as a whole community project that includes food relief, community garden, books, plants, a meeting space, program delivery, connection to external stakeholders and provides a local newsletter that provides connection and information to isolated residents. Part of growing a community is to nurture the ideas of community members and the philosophy of the team of groWaverley is to support and mentor locals and their ideas. We "do with them, not to them".


You can contact us via email minisprouts@thewholesprout.com.au or via 0403418056