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Kiddies in the Kitchen Set

This is the ultimate set for your mini sprout to use in the kitchen. 100% Australian made and owned products. Tried and tested in schools, playgroups, preschools and homes by educators, parents and mini sprouts for durability, practicality and fun!

One paddle board - made from Camphor Laurel. Light weight for little hands and made from one solid piece of Australian Timber. If they drop it, it wont break! Has a handle for easy holding. The most popular style of chopping board for mini hands to hold and use easily. It doesn't require any oiling - just wipe with warm soapy water and your ready to use again. Its naturally antibacterial so no nasties and it smells amazing!!!

One Kiddies food Kutter - Stainless steel, dishwasher safe, 100% kid friendly and cuts everything except skin. Like everything - including pumpkins!! Keep one in your handbag with a piece of fruit and you instantly have a learning experience AND 5 minutes of quiet time when you're on the go. Choose from all 8 colours so they're easy to see in your draw.

One Safety food Peeler- No blades, 100% kid friendly, easy to clean and easy to use. All 8 colours to choose from. Great for fruits and vegetables but also for playdough. One solid piece thats easy for mini hands to hold.


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