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Safety Food Kutter

Designed and produced in Australia, this stainless steel blade kitchen knife has no sharp blades and yet can cut through anything including Pumpkin skin!

Following on from the original size Kiddies Food Kutter, this bigger model is built for larger hands. It is perfect for Primary aged children all the way to adults. With an easy to grip handle and dish washer safe, you wont miss these bright colours in the drawer! 

Use the kutter in a sawing action and you will cut through any foods. Safe on skin meaning any one of any ability can use this kutter. A great tool for those seeking independence but fear the risk of cutting themselves with a blade. 

Use them in your kitchen, on the go, at schools, at preschools and play groups, in aged care, disability support roles, any where you go. Light weight and safe to keep in your handbag. 

Check out the original kiddies kutter and safety peeler to make sure you are covered for your budding chef. 

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